What They Said About Us
The Omani Centre for Human Rights is playing a crucial role in shedding light on human rights abuses in Oman, a country that has remained under the radar despite a poor human rights record similar to its Gulf neighbours. Considering the pervasive climate of silence in the country, OCHR acts as one of the very few voices speaking up for those who cannot.
Ines Osman, Human rights lawyer, co-founder & director @MENA_Rights Group.
The OCHR is a credible and important source of information on human rights abuses in Oman and one of the only organizations of its kind. Omani human rights and social media activists face systematic repression if they dare to express critical views, and OCHR is among the only organizations speaking out on their behalf.

Adam Coogle – Middle East researcher at Human Rights Watch

We highly appreciate the work of the Omani Human Rights Center for providing us with the latest information on human rights violations in the country.

Julia Legner, The Executive Director of ALQST for Human Rights

As a journalist and former researcher for the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), I can’t think of a more important independent source of information from Oman than the Omani Centre for Human Rights. Time and again their reporting has proved reliable and essential for anyone who cares about human rights in the sultanate.

Jason Stern –  A Freelance Journalist