Amnesty International: Oman


According to Amnesty international report of Oman, 2021:

“The government continued to detain and prosecute critics, activists and peaceful demonstrators. Migrant workers remained insufficiently protected against exploitation. Women continued to face discrimination in law and practice. The death penalty remained in force.”

The Omani Centre for Human Rights (OCHR) presented its ninth annual report, reviewing human rights in Oman for the year 2021. This has been the second year since the present Sultan, Haitham bin Tariq, came to power in January 2020, yet the government is still using its powers to violate human rights and mount attacks on freedom of opinion and belief, by means of legal restrictions, summoning people for interrogation, and unjustified arrests. Gender-based discrimination has also continued, and the rights of women in Oman continue to be violated in the areas of politics, education, health and social life. In addition, certain subject matters continue to be censored and blocked.


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