Unemployed graduates hold protest in Oman


    On Sunday, 14 June 2020 a number of unemployed university graduates staged protests outside the Ministry of the Diwan of the Royal Court and also at the Ministry of Education.  According to OCHR’s sources, the reason for the protests was the education ministry’s refusal to appoint these graduates to teaching posts on the grounds that their qualifications were from non-Omani universities, even though they all held B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) degrees as well as teaching diplomas accredited by the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and certified by the cultural attachés of the relevant embassies.

    Those who graduated in 2019 took the tests and met the other requirements specified by the Ministry of Education, but later the ministry announced that it would only be appointing graduates of Omani universities or overseas programmes approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.  The ministry’s pretext for these measures was an Education Council decree dated 5 March 2015; and whichever authority the graduates turned to, the Education Council and the Ministry of Education each blamed the other for the situation.