OCHR-Oman condemns threats and intimidation following death of the late Sultan


The Omani Centre for Human Rights condemns the Omani security authorities’ intimidation of Omani activists within the country and the relatives of activists and dissidents abroad following the death of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said. 

The Centre has received confirmed reports from reliable sources that the security authorities have applied intimidation and blackmail in order to prevent certain activists from writing anything political, discussing the post-Qaboos situation or calling for any kind of reform. 

Exiled activist Khalfan al-Badwawi told us that he and members of his family back in Oman have received threats from senior officials, and his family have been asked to make sure he does not write anything or post any tweets.  Activist Muawiya al-Riwahi also posted on Facebook that he has received death threats on his private YouTube channel because of videos he published after the late Sultan’s death, threats he presumed were most likely from the government.

The OCHR calls on the new regime, in the person of the new Sultan, Haitham bin Tareq, to observe the vital importance of maintaining public liberties and individual freedoms, protecting fundamental rights, and not allowing threats to activists’ safety or harassment of their families.

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