The administration at Oman’s Samail Central Prison has refused to allow in prescribed medication for some inmates, insisting they can have only specific types of the drugs.  It is also refusing either to meet their dietary requirements or to allow their families to bring in any kind of food.  The OCHR’s sources have named the following prisoners as suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes:
Mohamed Sulaiman Mazyoud al-Shehhi Rashid Saeed al-Salhadi al-Shehhi
The OCHR points out that an activist detained at Samail Central Prison, Hassan al-Basham, died in May 2018 because of a failure to provide him with appropriate food and medication.  The OCHR demands that prisoners’ medical and health requirements be met, and appropriate food and medications be provided for prisoners who are ill.

For more details about Mussandam case, please follow the links below:

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