On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the Omani Internal Security Service summoned teacher and online activist Uday al-Omeiri (b. 1985) for questioning about a number of social media posts concerning a visit by Israeli officials to Oman. According to the OCHR’s sources, Uday is still being held and has not been allowed access to a legal representative or his own lawyer.

Meanwhile, writer Sultan al-Maktoumi who was in detained by the Internal Security Service since October 24, 2018, has been released yesterday, November 8, 2018.

On the basis of recent interviews with activists and writers, in addition to complaints it has received, the Omani Centre for Human Rights expresses concern over the harassment, and in some cases even threats, to which writers and activists are being subjected. The OCHR attests that a large number of people have been detained for commenting on a visit by Israeli officials to Oman, though most of them have kept quiet about it.

The OCHR demands the release of all detainees, named or not, and demands that all individual liberties be guaranteed, including freedom of expression.

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