Latest in series of arrests in Oman’s Musandam Governorate


The Omani security forces have stepped up their campaign of arrests in Musandam Governorate, in the far north of the country, with the arrest of another Omani citizen as he returned from Saudi Arabia after performing the Umrah pilgrimage. Mohamed bin Sulaiman bin Mazyoud al-Shehhi (b. 1965) was arrested at midday on May 28, 2018 at the Darah border crossing from the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah on his way home, having completed the Umrah pilgrimage rites. The security forces gave no reason for his arrest, nor did they allow Shehhi to contact a legal representative or let his family visit or contact him or know where he was being held. According to the OCHR’s source, Mohamed suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes and prostate problems.

The Musandam arrests began in April, when the authorities rounded up two Omanis and a UAE citizen:
• Ali Mohamed al-Mazyoud al-Shehhi (Omani) was arrested from his father’s home in the Lima district of Musandam Governorate after a military security force turned up at the house;
• Ali Ahmad Rajab al-Shehhi (Omani) was arrested in the same way from his place of residence in Khasab; and
• Rashed Sa’id al-Shehhi (Emirati) was arrested while attending a relative’s wedding in the Rawdah district of Musandam Governorate.

Then in May two more Omani citizens were arrested:
• Mohamed Abdullah Ahmad al-Shehhi, a native of Musandam Governorate, was arrested in Dubai and handed over to the Omani authorities the same day; and
• Mohamed Salem Ahmad al-Shehhi was summoned for questioning by the Omani internal security service, since when his whereabouts have been unknown, and he has not been allowed to contact his lawyer or any of his family. He was released later on Tuesday, 29 May 2018.

The Omani Centre for Human Rights insists that the legal rights of Mohamed bin Sulaiman al-Shehhi and all the other detainees must be safeguarded. He must be allowed to contact his lawyer or legal representative and be apprised of the charges against him, or else released immediately.

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