Omani citizen arrested in Dubai, held secretly in Muscat without charge or explanation


The Omani security authorities, in cooperation with their UAE counterparts, have arrested Omani citizen Mohammed Abdullah Ahmad al-Shihi without giving any explanation or reason. Shihi, who was born in 1980, is a native of Musandam Province in the far north of Oman and previously worked for a Ghurair Group company in Dubai.

A number of Dubai security officers escorted Mohammed Shihi from his apartment at dawn on Sunday, May 6 , 2018. He was handed over to the Omani authorities later that morning. A source has told the Omani Centre for Human Rights (OCHR) that Shihi is currently being held in one of Internal Security’s secret detention centres in Muscat Governorate, and that he has not been allowed to contact his lawyer or anyone to represent him legally. Nor have the authorities in Oman so far explained the reason for his arrest. The same source speculated that Shihi’s detention may be linked to the arrest and detention of three other Omanis and a citizen of the UAE in Musandam Governorate in April in similar circumstances that have still not been announced or explained, although one of the three Omanis was released.

The OCHR insists and demands that the legal rights of detainee Mohammed al-Shihi and all other detainees must be safeguarded. He must be allowed to contact his lawyer or legal representative and the charges against him must be declared, otherwise he must be released immediately.